Wednesday, 21 December 2011

What your garden could be saving you today

I had a walk round my local Coles supermarket last night and here is what i found, and the savings that can be made made with your own garden not to mention the satisfaction of growing them is well worth it.

The Vegetables below we are all picking quatities of now:

Green Beans $4.98kg*
Spring Onions $1.98 bunch*
Spinach $3.48 bunch*
Beetroot $4.98 for 5 smaller than a snooker ball, (i picked 3 today almost as big as a softball)
Zucchinis $4.50kg
Fresh "8 Ball" Zucchini
Lettuce $2.48 each*
Lebanese cucumbers $5.98kg*
Herbs $2.48 bunch***
Pak Choy $1.98 for 2*
Garlic $17.98kg*
Fennel $1.28 each*
White onions $4.98kg*
Chillis $13.98kg*
Leeks *

*picked from my garden this week at home and Community Garden plot

Coming into season, some gardeners are picking are picking:

Eggplants $4.98kg
Tomatoes $4.98kg*
Cherry tomatoes $1.98 - 250gm

This morning i delivered the following to a local community group:
Zucchinis 6kg approx
Beetroot equiv to 3 bunches of the above
Spinach 1 bunch
Beans 1kg approx.

This came out of an area approx 15 - 20 sqm, the same ground is still producing and will put out the same ammount within the next 2 weeks quite easily.

Food for thought, or more importantly food for bellies and a great saving at this time of year.

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