Friday, 16 December 2011

Updates, News and some

We have found these little critters in the millions, how do i deter them from eating our vegetables, they seem to like tomatoes and strawberries, the ones pictured (right) have taken refuge around a thorn apple.

Just some of the Zucchinis donated to the local senior citizens club this week, as well as potatoes, leeks, spinach and beetroot. The small one is the size of a tennis ball to put the large ones in perspective

Artichokes are just one of the vegetables growing in the gardens, these particular ones are globe artichokes, more architectural than productive but nice to have in our garden, hard to believe that these were only planted from a 100mm pot back in late september

Particpants (left) taking part in our first workshop on "Summer Gardening" presented by Toni Salter (The Veggie Lady), next course Composting.

Our rosemary bushes thanks to Colin Mills have now got a foothold and are taking shape, more are being planted out and the borders are taking shape, thanks to Colin and his volunteers.

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