Friday, 16 December 2011

City Farms, Community Gardens gathering and Power of Community.

Last week between jobs i had the chance to view the Power of Community documentary at the Macarthur Future Food Forum (say that fast) on saturday at the Macarthur Diversity Services Initiative building in Campbelltown, and visit the City Farms and Community Gardens network meeting hosted at Lilyfield by the Whites Ck Garden.

Firstly the Power of Community, this is something that we will hopefully look at screening in camden at a venue and time to be confirmed, or you can view the link below and watch the video yourself :)

Surviving Peak Oil and Power of Community

Hubberts peak oil graph extrapolated across gas and oil .

The Documentary shows how Cuba was thrown almost overnight into a Peak Oil situation, it is something i had never even considered or thought about and was certainly well worth sitting through if not for the underlying message but the whole power of community and sustainable gardens info.

Sunday was another day and this time it was a gathering of Community Garden representatives from  across sydney hosted by Russ and Fiona from the City Farms and Community Gardens network at the Whites Creek Gardens at Lilyfield, this gathering brought minds from Bundeena and Randwick to Manly to the Blue Mountains and Camden, from gardens as small as Charlies Garden in Darlington to Camden Community Garden out on the cities fringe.
Echinacea growing in the gardens at Lilyfield

Every garden had its own unique qualities and these were touched on over the course of the discussion, alot of great points came out of the meeting and more will be summarised on the Community Gardens Network.

A big thankyou goes out to all those in attendance who travelled from across the sydney basin and its hoped that the next one be even bigger and better and attended by even more representative of the many gardens from across the region. Special mention of course goes to the members of Whites Creek Garden at Lilyfield who hosted the whole day.

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