Friday, 16 December 2011

Summer Garden Tips

Holiday Care

Here’s a few tips for surviving the holiday break over summer.

Don’t mow your lawn too low before you go away, otherwise you might find it completely dead by the time you get back. It’s always best to keep it a little bit longer in summer to shade the soil below, this helps retain more moisture in the ground and protect roots that are close to the surface.

Ask a neighbour

Take care of your precious work in the veggie garden by ensuring that a neighbour or friend can do some watering if you go away. You could try to rig up some shadecloth temporarily over sensitive plants or areas of the garden if you’re especially concerned about them.


Make sure the garden is heavily mulched with at least 5cm (and preferably 7 or 8cm) of straw, sugarcane mulch, compost and pea straw.  Keeping the garden covered in a thick layer of mulch will keep down the need for watering and keep out the unwanted weeds.

Pot Plant Care

Soak all of your pot plants for several days leading up to your departure and place them in a shady part of the garden when you leave. Grouping your plants together will provide protection from sun and wind and increase humidity while you’re away. 

If you’d like more info about growing vegetables at home or in a community garden plot then join The Veggie Club ... it’s free! Just register at and join us for daily discussions on Facebook.

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