Friday, 25 May 2012

Winter Harvest at Camden Community Garden.

No chunkin these punkins (search Punkin Chunkin)

Just some of the crew that turned up on sunday.
Its only a matter of time before above mentioned beloved american past time hits our shores but for now while pumpkins are in plentiful supply we will be eating them and sharing them amongst the gardeners, the picture right was the result of a harvest last weekend, and that giant golden object was a golden zucchini that escaped the pot and put on a few pounds before we found it.

The gardening bee was a massive success with all concerned leaving with pumpkins for home, over coming weekends more will be harvested and given out, thanks to everyone that participated, almost 20 volunteers turned up as well as visitors from across the Campbelltown LGA and Penrith.

Growmax Composter
Vacant beds were tidied up, and alot of grass was mowed, this found its way into our new composters and should be compost within a couple of weeks, in time for the next load, even the resident goats got looked after.

You will notice Camden Council has been progressing with a schedule of works on the heritage barn on the Town Farm site, this work continues, ultimately there will also be a skillion roof on the western side.

Colin showing us how to do your peas.
This weekend sees the produce markets perfect timing to get some fresh veggie seedlings in, the guys from Patio Plants will be in attendance, here is a quick link to a guide probably most applicable to Camden Community Garden, looking around the garden plots you will see swedes (not the blonde ones), turnips, parsnips and broad beans to name but a few fresh plantings.

As indicated previously it was hoped we may see a community gathering at Camden from representatives of community gardens across the Sydney basin, it turns out Manly Vale will be hosting it on the 3rd of june, more info can be found here.

Check out some new images on our site, on a recent trip across sydney i stopped into Riverwood Community Gardens and last weekend while up in the mountains visited Katoomba Community Garden and their food forest, these images now join those of the others loaded, you will find them on the "Around the Gardens" page.

Happy Gardening

PS dont forget to feed our worms.

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