Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Here comes the Winter Chill

Shallots and beetroot
Noticed the mornings are getting cooler, extra doona on the bed on a morning, going to work with a few more clothes on, spare a thought for your plants outside. Check the link Camden Weather, April saw our average lowest temp sitting around 11.3C while mean highest was 23.6C. May so far is looking cooler with a pretty sharp dip so far with the lowest averaging just over 6C and the mean highest dipping marginally lower to just under 22C.

protection from frost
It may be time to start and try a bit of frost proofing, another month and the basil crop will be dead, if we are lucky we will get 6 weeks out of it, it may be time to try that Bunya Pine nut pesto here, thinking about putting potatoes in, it may be worth waiting now, speaking to a southern highlands grower (you will find him via his tips were 100 days before the first frost and 3 weeks before the last frost. So if you have planted them recently, either hope for a late frost to get those new potatoes or baby poly tunnels and lots of mulch to keep them warm.

In general, you want to be planting onions, lettuces, peas, broad beans, and spinach, watch out for the hungry snails, if you are looking to companion plant then be sure to check here.

International Permaculture Day is around the corner, want to see whats happening in and around Sydney be sure to check out Permaculture Day Link.

Finally, special mention goes out to all those Servicemen and women past and present and their friends and families.

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  1. Looks like we spoke to soon again, the first frosts hit the gardens, monday and tuesday saw the lowest temps hit 1 and 1.6 degrees, and quite possibly a tad lower in the garden.

    Inspecting the gardens this morning jack frosts visit was evident, sweet potatoes, new potatoes, tomatoes, dwarf beans and basil all fell victim. Pumpkins have been hit but the pumpkins themselves should be OK.



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