Friday, 25 November 2011

Pathwork, National Green Jobs, Mayor visits and Christmas is coming.

Just over two weeks ago we had an overgrown path, countless hours had been spent keeping the path under control, it had restricted access to certain sectors of the community and put a strain on volunteers working in the gardens , well fast forward to today and there is a marked difference, the new pathwork will now allow access for all to the gardens as well as giving much needed disability access to the amenities block on the Town Farm site as well. Maintanence has been reduced and that valuable volunteer time can now be spent on other projects in the pipeline, due to the choice of materials maintanence and upkeep costs should be minimalistic and help enable the community gardens to be self funding beyond the life of the Community Builders funding keeping it as a valuable resource for the community.

Other projects in the pipeline include a nursery and rotunda/covered meeting point, and an orchard which is in the early stage of planting. The resident animals on site are doing a great job keeping our weeds under control and should soon be joined by chickens, thanks to the National Green Jobs Project and its participants who built the chicken coup. While on site these young people also completed tree planting and alot of privet removal around the Town Farm precinct as well as Bicentential Equestrian Park and for that we are all very greatful.

November 24th saw these young students finish their training through the National Green Jobs Program and graduate, we would like to thank Mayor Greg Warren for giving us some of his time during the day to present the graduates with their Certificate 2s in Conservation and Land Management.
Mayor - Greg Warren, Community Gardens President - Jeff Ferrif, Project Leader - Tim White, snowy the goat and all the course participants.
With christmas rapidly approaching the gardens are in full swing, crops are bountifull, and the gardeners are enjoying the fruits of their labour, every thing from Artichokes to Yams are in the ground and producing. Recent rain has been a blessing saving precious water, the herb garden is growing prolifically, fresh basil, chives not to mention, lemon grass, chillis, sage, oregano, dill, coriander, rosemary, marjoram, chamomile, lemon balm, thyme, rocket, italian parlsey are growing nicely.

We would like to thank everyone for thier patience during this construction phase and look forward to catching up with you all over the coming months.

Visitors Welcome,
Happy Gardening - Steve

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