Friday, 16 September 2011

Working Bee plus more.....


This weekend will see folk descend on camden, the town be a hive of activity this weekend, the annual Goulburn Sydney Bike Race, NSW oldest bike race rolls into town on sunday morning, well maybe late morning anyway, Camden Park is open over the weekend on both days as well.

Working Bee

Its rolled around again and falls only a few weeks before our AGM, please make sure all membership renewals are paid up and all financial members are welcome to apply for spots on the Community Gardens Committee.

I put together a bit of a task sheet together for us on saturday, if all attendees at the working bee can sign the visitors book in the notice board it would be appreciated.

The working bee will be a good chance to clean up a few beds, these have been noted in the book and are marked with texta, thanks to all at the last working bee the herb garden is looking great and there is sure to be some produce used for the BBQ lunch. A big thankyou has to go to Vanessa Ferreira form Camden Council who kindly donated a BBQ to the Gardens last week, to be used at the town farm and for gardens events.

Other areas to be noted are:
  • more weedmatting on borders in readiness for hedge,
  • the herb garden doesn't need much attention, probably just water and a few stingers removed,
  • the area on the low side of the path, next to the cultivated paddock, (the one covered in nettles)
Scarecrows and Sculptures - Living on the Fringe

In conjunction with BYDS and as an initiative of ArtStart Youth Arts and Skills a Scarecrows and Sculptures workshop is being run at the gardens on the 28th and 29th of September, the workshop is FREE and being facilated  by local artist Freya Jobbins  Freyas Website and open to young people aged 12 to 24, refreshments and lunch will be provided, to register interest call 46455106.

Jack Frost

A few gardeners may have noticed a few deaths in the gardens early in the week, unfortunately the Community Gardens experienced a cold snap, the end result being potatoes, Tomatoes, cucumbers, beans, Zucchini also suffered substantially. Preventative measures can be discussed amongst ourselves on the weekend.

Happy Gardening Compost Comrades.

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