Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Successful Working Bee and other news.

Talking amongst ourselves on friday it wasn't shaping up to be a great day for a communial working bee on saturday, but what started out a touch on the damp side didnt deter anyone, a dozen or so folk turned out and a big thankyou goes out to the committee members involved in the day, thanks to Jeff Ferrif the gardens president and his crew for putting together a BBQ lunch and thanks to Camden Council for their donations towards lunch.

The assembled troops cleaned up the herb garden, which has been a constant source of supplies for all association members, we can now distinguish chives poking through where once there were nettles, and the germinating italian parlsey has been given respite from the same beasties.

The shade trade with our seating will soon provide shade, it is now starting to sprout leaves and the almond tree had a solitary flower on it this morning.

Other plantings recently include potatoes for the Salvation Army "Brunch to Lunch" soup kitchen, these are in Bed 5, and Rocket in bed 7, Bed 4 is currently providing copious amounts of vegies for the Salvation Army in the form of Cabbage, Broccoli, Broccolini, Celery and Spinach, and is being tended by committee members, these have also been supplemented with donations of Leeks, Shallots, and several herbs from the communial herb section and other gardeners.

We will soon be adopting a marking system, using the Salvation Army logo, this will mark vegetables being donated to the soup kitchen, this will enable fresh harvesting of produce for the kitchen.

Floriade is around the corner, any association members interested in attending Floriade, the suggestion has been made we take a bus trip down, please register expressions of interest here, with preference for dates between the 17th of September and the 16th of October, using the same link also register interest in a bus trip around some of Sydneys' community gardens.

Happy Gardening Comrades in Compost


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