Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Start thinking about Spring

August Update

  • Keep Australia Beautiful NSW - Sustainable Cities Awards. 

  • Working Bee around the corner.

  • What to plant now, is it tomato and potato time yet?

    #KABNSW,  for the Twitter users out there, and #camdencommunitygarden for Instagram followers, check them out.

    Speaking of Twitter its more like sqwauking at present as the corellas flock past the office at 5.30pm for their nightly roost, i can almost set my clock by them, they are getting noticeably later as the days lengthen, spring is definitely on its way.

  • Keep Australia Beautiful - Sustainable Cities Awards.


    A brilliant night was had by all, Simon Marnie and Costa Georgiadis did a stellar job as MCs for the night, as the photo shows Camden Town Farm Community Garden didn't come away empty handed, highly commended was the award, which was duly accepted by current president Steve Cooper on behalf of the Community Garden. The winners were long established Wentworthville Community Garden, congrats to all concerned and KABNSW for putting on a great night with the aid of many supporters, next years event moves to Canada Bay as a result of Canada bay taking the overall Sustainable Council. Camden's award certainly reflects the work put in by all the volunteers so it was accepted with smiles all round. Mamre Homestead and Penrith Council were great hosts and a spot which should definitely be visited. Thanks again to all concerned.


  • Working Bee - This weekend. 18th August

    Don and Marilyn.
    One job that wont need doing this week will be pruning roses thanks to several volunteers, (Don and Marilyn pictured), the roses were finished, under the guidance of Don (former local nurseryman and rose enthusiast) a masterclass in rose pruning was delivered last Saturday and Sunday afternoon, the plan is to now leave them for a couple of weeks before giving them a bit of a boost, any local nurseryman that happen to read this and are keen to donate a few bare rooted roses please get in touch, we will certainly give you recognition and a few locations in Llewellas Memorial Garden, in the course of the impromptu class we moved 2 of the more ungainly larger roses to the bleachers against the fence leaving room for some new blood in the front. Speaking of which, good gloves, i am still removing thorns from my fingers, thanks again Don and everyone else, Heather, Euan, Leah, and Marilyn. So what's in store this weekend, BBQ for a start, anyone keen to bring and share some nibbles there are sure to be some takers. tasks to cover off will be:

    • fill waste bins with weeds
    • feed worms, - kids (not feed kids to worms)
    • mulch pathways.
    • fatten up Platypus tail.
    • clear nettles from scarecrows legs.
    • clear a couple of beds. 
    • mow lawns.
  • Tomatoes and Potatoes

I won't be the first and i won't be the last to bring this hotly contended topic up, if its for sale in
Sydney that doesn't mean it will grow here, Tomatoes start popping up in the shops and it won't be long before all manner of other things appear on the shelves, (Christmas decorations included), talking to our local guys we are still pretty susceptible to frosts, so i would really er on the side of caution, tomatoes don't like frosts by all means plant seeds indoors or in terrariums to get them going but don't plant them in your garden yet, not in Camden anyway, speak to your local expert nurseryman on this.

Potatoes, i have already been in touch with our seed provider and we should have seed in a couple of weeks, ideally 3 weeks before the last frost to put them in, now you work that out :) i reckon about 2 or 3 weeks time, just to be sure, this should give us a good crop of spuds before Christmas, check out the Big Spud guys at Robertson who you will also find at the produce markets in a couple of weeks.

Check out our links page to find out what else to plant now. 

That's all for now, Happy Gardening All.




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