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Camden Show

Forget the other show, the only show you needed to go to was Camden Show, this year was bigger than ever and the first year we had been really involved, this year Camden Community Garden partnered with Macarthur Centre for Sustainable Living, Sydney Uni - Cobbitty and the local Spinners and Weavers to put togther a kids interactive display following our produce from seed to plate, or seed to clothes. Sydney Uni together with a great bunch of staff and volunteers highlighted cotton and wools
journey from the plant to clothes, they also showed wheat, oats, rice and corn in their various stages
of growth and followed the cycle from the plant to the
James from the Uni with 2 St Pauls School Kids

end product. The Spinners and Weavers provided the link from wool and cotton to clothes, the Community Gardens encouraged people to take free seedlings grown by themselves and MCSL, there were an assortment of seasonal seedlings on offer and leftovers are being given away to various community organisations.
MCSL kept the kids busy with informative and intercative stuff from kite making to lots of craft, fruit and veggie carving as well as composting and worm farm info sessions, this was on top of all the useful info for the mums and dads on saving money at home. At the end of the weekend the whole display picked up best community stand and the presidents award. Thanks to all involved.

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