Thursday, 10 January 2013

Violent Veg

New Years Update.

In this catch up:

  • Violent Veg
  • Narellan Congregational Community Services
  • Heat Wave 
  • Worms
  • Great Links 
  • Check out previous post re courses


Check the AGM date on the home page, this is for financial members, so ensure fees have been paid.
Lets start the year with a bit of a laugh, check the follwing link for some great Vegetable related humour, Violent Veg.
Mary and Heather digging up Christmas Lunch
As mentioned earlier, the Community Gardeners as well as Narellan Congregational Community Services planted some potatoes late last year, these being for the benefit of those involved, the potatoes will be subsequently harvested at the regular working bees. 3 varieties were planted. Norland Reds, Spunta and Pink Fir Apple.

Alot of Norland Reds have already been pulled from the site, these were great roasting spuds and perfect for Christmas, we are now moving into the other 2 varieties, importantly when digging up the potatoes, dont freak out when you see the Pink Fir Apple spuds, they havent got some mystery disease, that is how they look, the Pink Fir Apples are a great salad potato, just wash, cook them whole and then slice them up to create your favourite potato salad recipe, dont peel them.

The recent scorcher days would have certainly taken their toll on the gardens had preventative practises not being applied, watering has still been critical, but more importantly  mulching can be the best precaution against your garden drying out and in an effort to conserve water a few different mulches have been used around the garden. Check out the education page and useful links for more information on this important topic.

Another important point is worms and looking after them in this heat. Here is a great link to an invaluable resource on worms,, The worms at the community garden are sheltered in the shade from the searing heat, optimum temperature for worms is 15 to 26 degrees, so don't cook them, (unless you plan on eating them, and that's another topic anyway)

An interesting link hit my desk this week, check out the following link in relation to one of the larger players in the fast food market, the

Looking for some handy hints check out Toni Salters site here.

"Health and Place",benefits of community gardens are just edible,  a really great read and well worth checking out, here

Happy Gardening and keep up the great work.  

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