Friday, 23 November 2012

Yacon, Yams and Peanuts

In the news this time something a bit different veggie wise

  • Yacon
  • Peanuts
  • Yams (Oca - Oxalis Tuberosa)

Its great to see a multitude of crops appearing in the garden, very early on i planted Asparagus, it is now in its second year and won't really start cropping well till next year, although i did have a few spears this year.

Colin Mills who has done a massive amount in the garden, most noteworthy the Rosemary hedge, and we thank him for his work, planted amongst other things, Yacon, similar in form to Jerusalem artichokes, but it produces a tuber not unlike nashi pear in texture and taste, but physically resembling sweet potato. It also goes by the name Peruvian Ground Apple. You can find out more about Yacon seeds of change , its an old article but very relevant.


I found myself this year with peanuts emerging from my garden, these had ben leftovers from some i purchased last year in pots, (bit of a gimmic by the retailer) but nonetheless the few that i didnt harvest about of about a dozen have now resprouted and should produce better the the ones i bought, i also planted some at home, these have now germinated and will soon join the others.

Oca, image courtesy of The Lost Seed website.

Allways being one to trawl the local asian grocers in my area i find myself picking up different seeds to try out, (Bitter Melon failed dismally), however i picked up some little tubers and thought they may be interersting, as is the norm, they weren't labelled but i was keen to give them a go, i left them for a while in my kitchen and they invariably sprouted like potatoes forgotten in a bag, i then planted them and didn't label them, (note to all, label seeds), so yesterday i noticed what looked like Oxalis growing from my pots and thought bugger i didn't plant that, ironically all growing in the middle, back inside i went as i had forgotten what i planted, Google images and later Gardening Australia proved my saviour, The plant is Oca, (Oxalis Tuberosa) another South American tuber, and of the Oxalis family. however its not a real fan of swealtering hot weather about 28C, so come summer its going to suffer. i will be looking for a shady spot, and it will take 6 months to crop, but will keep coming back. Check them out here.
Zucchini ( Globe or 8 ball)

Next week....
  • Rocket Science in the Garden
  • Christmas Recipes from home and abroad.
  • Drought proofing your garden for summer.
  • Summer crops, Zucchinis
Stay tuned gardeners....

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