Monday, 1 October 2012

Scarecrows, Tomatoes, Potatoes and more

Scarecrow Workshop

Any one heading past Camden Community Garden over coming weeks may wonder whats happening with the large crowd of people in the garden.

Stop and take a closer look and you may notice little movement among the masses, unlike "Taste" held last weekend in glorious sunshine when masses of visitors flocked through the gardens and onto the Town Farm site for a culinary and auditory experience this time the visitors come in the form of Scarecrows.

The Scarecrows are being built as part of a workshop put on by the Community Gardens with the support of Camden Council and with the aid of Community Builders funding. The workshop is fully subscribed with more than 60 people attending over the 2 days. There are sure to be some great works come out of this, and they will be displayed at Narellan Rhythms Festival on 20th October before taking up residence back in the gardens.

Rise of the Scarecrows

With over 40 under 12s booked in for this years Scarecrow building workshop things were shaping up to be busy, day 1, (today saw 15 under 12s attend). Freya Jobbins, local artist was great, having being involved with the Scarecrows and Sculptures Workshop last year it was a pleasure to have Freyas involvement again this year, having a bit of an islands theme this year there were certainly some bright productions on day 1.

Day 2 on friday sees approximately 25 registered, with the current weather it is sure to be a great day for all, thanks to Camden Council, Community Builders, Freya Jobbins and all concerned. The Scarecrows will all be on display at Narellan Rhythms Festival on 20th October on Elyard St, Narellan, where amongst other things gardeners will be able to collect some free herb seedlings from the Community Garden stand.

Potatoes for Christmas, Mashers, Roasters and Potato Salad

Now as its tomato and potato season the community gardens have been busy the last few weeks, and with the aid of our freindly "local" potato supplier and his knowledge we have planted, Red Norland, Fir Apple and Spunta Potatoes, and a portion of these have been planted by Narellan Congregational Community Services, who will be having fresh potatoes for Christmas.

On the tomato front i decided to give some of these "hairy tomatoes" a go, so thanks Tim's for the heads up on those, and if you are looking for a few tips on getting them growing click on the following link from a guru in the gardening world, Peter Cundall.

Don't forget to check out the links pages and our supporters page and if you are looking to get involved in the gardens drop us a line via the contacts details on the front page.

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