Friday, 2 March 2012

Where does your food come from !!

Buy local and seasonal

Kenyan Broccoli

Looking to save some money on your next shopping bill, consider buying local and seasonal, one of the biggest costs savings that can be made is by buying whats in season and equally buying locally produced produce, take the following photos as prime examples of foreign grown, on a recent trip to the UK i decided to note the number of different countries that supply food to the UK, its probably not the best example to use as if you were to overlay a map of australia on europe you would probably cover half these countries, but when we grow the likes of bananas why should we buy them from central america, when we grow citrus why would we get them from spain or the US, it does come down to buying whats in season. and local where ever possible.

Kenyan Beans
Egyptian Beans
Kenyan Corn and Snow Peas.
Israeli Radishes
Visiting the UK really highlighted how lucky we are, browsing the fruit and vegetable aisles at the local ASDA, Tesco and Morrisons you could really see how dependant on so many overseas countries the UK are, produce coming from Greece, Kenya, Spain, Portugal, Brazil, Mexico, Israel, Holland, India, Dominican Republic you name it and it was imported, lettuces, beans, broccoli, chillis but to name a few, some you expected, italian kiwi fruit, dragon fruit, but not lettuce and beans, so next time your out shopping just check were you food comes from, and if you would like to grow your own why not become involved in the community gardens.

Mexican Spring Onions

Canary Island Cucumbers

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  1. I really like the information you are given on these labels, it will be such an eye opener when Woolworths and Coles are required to do this. I bet they won't like it.



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