Friday, 20 January 2012

Flood or Famine, succession planting and storing

Succession Planting, avoiding the flood or famine

You don't need this many
 of the same veg unless your a commercial operator.
 Have you noticed you cant keep up with your veggie plot, its either a flood or a famine, all of a sudden you have beans coming out of your ears, your tomato crop could supply the whole street, if you eat any more spinach you will need to change your name to popeye, you get the drift.

The key can be staggering your plantings and succession planting, it can also be a matter of planting early and late maturing crops together, more great info on this can be found here.

Storing the Flood

So you have too many beans, your sick of spinach, you could supply SPC with tomatoes. Here are some easy solutions:

Blanch your beans, in short, you are putting them into boiling water for a very short time, then into cold to stop the cooking process and then freezing for a later date, here is the link on blanching.

Thanks to
 Rhubarb into Jam, its the something my parents and grandparents grew and i have decided 1 plant is  plenty, but the best way to store it is by turning it into jam and if you got a lemon tree in the garden you wont need much from the shops to get yourself going. see rhubarb jam.

Pickling Beets, canned beetroot just isn't the same and once you have pickled your own and stuck it in the fridge you may never buy canned beetroot again, a punnet of beetroot can go a long way and pickling it will make it go even further, so check out Pickled Beetroot.

In reflection i can certainly vouch for the above methods as being effective i have all the above stored in my freezer to use when these vegetables may not be quite seasonal and too expensive.


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  1. Thanks for the link to my section on freezing vegetables. I am glad that it can be of some use.



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