Tuesday, 7 June 2011

GE Money Visit

On the 7th of June Camden Town Farm Community Gardens  had the pleasure of welcoming over 20 GE Money employees from across the region to the gardens as part of their "Branch Community Day"

"Every year, for one day, GE branches across Australia and New Zealand shut shop so that their employees can take part in a range of volunteering projects to support their local communities."

More info on this great intiative can be found here

For the Community Gardens this initiative was welcomed with open arms, the enthusiam shown by all the employees was incredible and enabled some major maintanence/cleanup work to be achieved. Gardens President Jeff Ferrif was also in attendance and even demonstrated his taste for nettles during the lunchtime welcome.

After a light afternoon tea the troops got stuck back into work with a timely arrival of mulch thanks to CPE Tree Services  arriving just before tools down. To the GE staffs credit numerous barrow loads where then spread across the rejuvenated community herb garden.
We would like to thank GE Money for their generous support on this day.

Thankyou and Happy Gardening

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